IALLT 2015 Conference

Call for Papers: FLEAT VI Conference
August 12-15, 2015
Location: Harvard University – Cambridge, Massachusetts

FLEAT VI: Identities, Communities, and Technologies in Global Environments

The International Association for Language Learning Technology (IALLT) and the Japan Association for Language Education & Technology (J-LET) are pleased to announce our sixth joint Foreign Language Education and Technology Conference (FLEAT VI), to be held at Harvard University, August 12-15, 2015.

The theme for FLEAT VI is “Identities, Communities, and Technologies in Global Environments”. New technologies are erasing the boundaries between practitioners of languages and cultures across the world, and are providing learners and teachers opportunities to build communities of interest and engagement within and outside the language classroom. Students are engaged as never before in using social networks to transcend geography. Access to authentic materials enables students to research and develop informed perspectives on the lives of others. Distance and hybrid approaches to instruction call into question the very notions of classroom and community, and challenge us to rethink the possibilities for building communities around language and culture instruction outside the comforting presence of physical “place”.

The organizers welcome 300-word abstracts on the following suggested areas of interest, equally focused in the fields of language and culture pedagogy, instructional methods involving the innovative application of technologies, and language technology center development and administration. This conference focuses on language education at the university and K-12 levels: the organizers welcome proposals involving the development and use of language technologies in both environments.

Deadline for abstract submissions is December 31, 2014.

Topic areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Technologies and Social Networks for Language Learning

  • Language Learning and Communities Outside the Classroom

  • Cultural Identities, Technology and Language Learning

  • Best Practices in Computer-Assisted Language Learning

  • Professional Development Solutions and Challenges

  • New Frameworks for Distance Education and Hybrid Environments

  • Innovative Practices in K-12 Language and Cultural Learning

  • Language Technology Center Administration

  • Online Language Learning

  • Virtual Environments and Gaming in Language Learning

  • Ownership, Publication, and Use in Technological Environments

  • Mobile Language Learning

Please consider proposing a presentation of one or more of the following six types:

  • Full day pre-conference workshop (6 hours)

  • Half day pre-conference workshop (3 hours)

  • 75 minute panel presentation

  • poster presentation

  • 25 minute presentation

  • 50 minute presentation

    Submit your proposal to IALLT here.